Here’s How to Break That Sales Slump!

Break that Sales Slump


Every salesperson, performer, athlete, all of us, eventually run into a period where we’re just ‘off’.  Nothing clicks.  We can’t seem to do any good, let alone close sales.  And that – closing sales – should be the farthest thing from your mind at that time….

Why? Because that is the time to take a good look at what you’ve been doing and get back to the basics, not reach for the stars.

Baseball lovers will tell you that when a batter falls into a slump, more often than not you’ll find him swinging for the stars for that home run. Be the Knight on the white steed. Win the game for the team. Wrong.

Instead, he should be examining his fundamentals – stance, position, swing, follow-through, base running, etc. Those are the things that will make him successful again and again and again.

Yet, how many of us really do that? Make the time to re-examine those things that helped us get to our successful places?

A few tips we all could stand to follow more often:

Do the Basics

Smile. Come to each day with an appreciation of your ability to do well – because you can. There are so many others out there who cannot.

Be Happy

No matter what happens, don’t allow yourself to get down on circumstances or yourself. Brush it off. Go on to the next. Many of these we cannot control anyway. So why not make the most of what we can do?

Go the Extra Mile

Talk to one more customer. Make one more visit. Spend another 20 minutes researching. Over time, this will really add up in your favor and you’ll be glad you did.

Work Harder When You’re ‘On’

One of the best sales calls I ever made on the road was on a late Friday afternoon, on my way back into KC from out of town. The boss’ son was busy with a quote/presentation, but kept one ear open for me long enough to go get his Dad, the owner. It was closing time. He invited me to stay and have a refreshment, which I usually don’t do, but this time it just felt right. We talked for 40 minutes after the doors were locked. Then he called his partner 20 minutes away, to come join us, which he did. Result – my new friend/client bought multiple container loads of product over a 5 year span and was one of my best advocates. You just never know where that next relationship might come from. Make the extra call and there’s a good chance you’ll eventually find out!

Be Grateful

Every day, make a list of the things you are thankful for. Start with one or two. Breath, sight, hearing, health, roof overhead, friends, food, etc. Each day add another couple. Pretty soon you’ll have a nice list going. Where did these things come from? Did they magically appear? Of course not. Somewhere, there’s a higher power helping, watching over you. Be thankful for the things you have, most others across the globe do not. Gratefulness alone, has a hugely empowering effect on you and those around you.

Be a Friend

There are people all around us with problems much bigger than ours. We just don’t know it. Talk with people. Listen to what they say. Really listen. You’ll be surprised at some of the answers you’ll get. Then do something to help. Chances are, someone has helped you along the way. Do good for someone else – it’s a great feeling.

Make Time to Volunteer

Almost more than anything, this will help you put things into perspective, see them for what they really are. You might have lost a sale. Someone else may have lost a parent, or life-long friend. Perspective? You bet. All of a sudden, that sale can be recovered with another.

Adjust your Attitude

Our worst days are usually better than 95% of other’s around the globe. Fresh air, potable water, clothes, roof over our head, food, transportation, the ability to be productive, help others, all these things are but the tip of the iceberg of goodness we enjoy, others can’t. On a scale of 1-10, how bad do we really have it?

Interested to hear from you. When you slump, what are the things you do to recover and get back up on the horse to ride? Please feel free to share, so all might benefit.

Have a great week!


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